Correction of problems with bullying 20 men answer to bullying and if you want

If the child has been bullying, cannot swallow, must “fight back” or is not “violence for violence”?

In December 2016, takes place in Beijing’s Zhongguancun two small “bullying” event on the network quickly fermented, debate, although the school denies that this is bullying, but then a series of “bullying” incidents have been exposed, become the focus of the society.

On December 20, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) on “how to define bullying,” “experienced bullying”, “schools have bullying prevention, resolution education” and a series of questions, on the streets of Shanghai, universities, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools went on an interview at the door. Interviewed about 20 people to sample, between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.

Many respondents gave “bullying” a vague

“I think of ‘ bullying ‘ is kicking it. ”

This is a popular interviewee blurted out his view of the bullying. When a reporter asked “the verbal assault is bullying among students”, he hesitated for a moment, in an uncertain tone replied: “if it is a serious verbal abuse should be considered. ” Sink pushed the victim to the hundred meter deep

“I remember when I was in elementary school, class a classmates react slower than others, may be a bit retarded, and then all the kids love him, throwing his bag, pencil case, tore his papers. “One interviewee said, although did not experience” kicks “of bullying, but she believes that such exclusion of a classmate and tease, should also be regarded as a kind of bullying.

Surging news after finishing the interview answer content found that most people believe that physical conflict between strong and weak students can be considered “violent” and “bullying”; but some were interviewed feel that “verbal abuse” and “discriminatory nickname” should also count as bullying.

As for how to define “slapstick” and “bullying”, “a joke” and “verbal abuse”, “nickname” and “discriminatory nickname”, many were interviewed did not give a clear answer, did not distinguish between was also expressed.

“Willing to say sorry to me student of the year”

Most of the respondents indicated, almost all students had experienced different forms of “bullying”: someone had been extorting money in higher grades; someone once students partnership exclusion, ridicule or persecution by a group of classmates did not want to do things; also a student had little conflict, gathered a group of students beating another student.

“I was reading in the field, children in the field to students compared the exclusion, bullying may not have too much violence, but language such as ‘ go back to your hometown ‘ this more. “A freshman liberal arts guy, Fudan University said.

One interview object talked about himself had in primary school times suffered had compared typical of “campus PA Ling”: was high grade students searched extortion money, if found rich not make is to suffered flesh of bitter, “when fun on will to game room, to has game room on will has many high grade of children like ‘ take ‘ Junior of money to buy game currency, if you said didn’t money of words on will was they forced searched, found rich not ‘ take ‘ of on have suffered flesh of bitter. ”

News interview to a surging once “bullying” in the “aggressors”, “junior high school for a girl at that time, it gathered a group of boys, a boy in our class to play, the last play is still pretty bad. “When asked how he now sees itself when this experience, he muses:” If now you can in the city’s streets or met at that moment by my classmates, I should say to him, ‘ I’m sorry ‘. ”

Child bullying, it is said to “call back”

When the press asked respondents the surging, students have school ever prevent or resolve “bullying”-related education? Those interviewed said “never” or “hardly”.

But according to some of them, their parents grew up telling myself, if being bullied at school should have the courage to fight back, not to lose. Interviewed recalls when parents told her 16-Word mantra: “people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if I will be unforgiving. ”

When asked if children experience bullying how to react in the future, a senior science major at Fudan University, guy says without thinking: “Why can’t play back, but can come back to parents to help. ”

About bullying, “violence for violence” is a good way to do it?

Respondents in some polarization of views on this issue. Some think that children are only children, if subjected to beating a school violence must not be swallowed; but others believe that “violence for violence” will only grow children’s violence.

One against “violence for violence” respondents said that “from a long-term point of view, teaching kids ‘ violence with violence ‘ will have bad impact on children, growing children’s violence. Parents should learn to mind after such events view, carefully to understand the situation and after school as well as the other parents to consult actively teaching safeguard the immediate interests of children and taking into account the long-term interests of the child. ”


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